Solicitor Permit

Door-to-Door Sales (Solicitor) Permits are required in accordance with city ordinance. The ordinance was developed to address the safety and welfare of our residents. Any persons conducting door-to-door sales or solicitor activities is required to have a proper permit issued by the City and will present it upon request by any police officer or resident.


An application provided by the City Secretary must be completed in detail with the required information. (An updated application is required when an applicant desires to substitute or add an agent during the duration of the license holders permit)

  • Name, residence and post office address, and telephone number of the applicant, and, if the applicant is not a permanent resident of the city, the applicant's permanent residence, and post office address and telephone number;
  •  A specific description of the occupation in which the applicant desires to engage, and for which the license is desired;
  • A full and complete description of the merchandise or services which the applicant desires to sell;
  • Whether the applicant, upon any sale or order, shall demand, accept or receive payment or deposit of money in advance of final delivery or rendition of the merchandise or services sold;
  • Source of supply, location and the proposed method of delivery of the merchandise to be sold;
  • Names, residences and post office addresses, and telephone numbers of three individuals as character and business references, and with whom the city may communicate with reference to any information it may desire regarding the applicant;
  • Whether the applicant has engaged in any of the activities named in section 18-210 in other cities, and, if so, the names of the last three such cities, and the dates of applicant's activities in such cities;
  • The age, sex, height, weight, the color of hair, and color of eyes of the applicant and each of the applicant's agents;


Ensure the following is attached to your application

  • A full and complete statement of the applicant's criminal record obtain from the Department of Public Safety, if any, including a detailed account of all arrests (whether convicted or not), charges filed (whether convicted or not), offenses committed, convictions, sentences received, time served, paroles or pardons received, and the date, place, and jurisdiction shall be set forth as to each such item of the applicant and each applicant's agent;
  • There shall be attached to the application a recent photo identification of the applicant and each of the applicant's agents; and
  • There shall be attached to the application a current sales tax certificate.
  • Surety Bond (see Chapter 18, Article V, Section 18-212 for complete requirements)


Description Cost
Application fee (includes two additional agents, one-year) $100
Each additional agent at the time of permit application $25
Substitute or additional agent update/change to current permit $35