City Charter

The City of Crowley is incorporated as a political subdivision of the State of Texas, and has all powers possible for a city under the Constitution and Laws of this State as fully and completely as though they were specifically enumerated in its Charter. The city government is a "Council-Manager Government" and the City Council, led by the Mayor, is vested with all powers of the City.

Amended on May 5, 2001, the Home Rule Charter for the city of Crowley is explained in twelve (12) Articles. 

 Article I - Form of Government and Boundaries
 Article II - Rights and Powers of the City
 Article III - The City Council
 Article IV - Municipal Elections
 Article V - Municipal Administration
 Article VI - Finance
 Article VII - Revenue and Taxation
 Article VIII - Boards and Commissions
 Article IX - Municipal Court
 Article X - Franchises and Public Utilities
 Article XI - Initiative, Referendum and Recall
 Article XII - General Provisions

If you would like a complete copy of the City Charter, please contact the City Secretary's Office.