Water Services

Residential - New Service Request Information

In order to establish a new service, the City of Crowley requires the following information to be presented in person in City Hall located at 201 E. Main Street.

  • Completed Utility Service Request Form 
  • A driver's license or state-issued ID
  • A deposit in the amount of $135
  • A nonrefundable new account fee of $15
  • A lease or closing disclosure (we must verify that the person seeking to open the account matches the names on the lease or deed)

If you are unable to come in person, you can email your completed utility service request form, copy of your ID, and copy of your lease or closing disclosure along with a One Time Credit Card Authorization Form to: customerservice [at] ci.crowley.tx.us

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Commercial - New Service Request Information

To establish commercial service, you must submit the following either in person or via fax.

  • A completed utility service request form
  • A driver's license or state ID of the person responsible for utilities
  • A W-9 if service will be listed with the business name
  • A deposit in the amount of $135
  • A nonrefundable new account fee of $15

If you are unable to come in person, you can email your completed utility service request form, copy of your ID, and copy of your W-9 along with a credit card authorization form to customerservice [at] ci.crowley.tx.us

My trash wasn't picked up, what should I do?

If your trash or recycling was missed or not picked up, please call Waste Connections (817) 222-2221.

What are My Trash Pick-Up Days?

You can view your trash pick up days by following this link: Trash pick-up days

How do I disconnect my service?

To disconnect your service you will need to either come into our office and fill out the disconnect paperwork or you may go online through your secured account and submit a disconnect that way. *Disconnects can not be scheduled for same-day, after-hours, weekends or holidays.

How do I get my water restored?

If your water has been disconnected for nonpayment you must pay the past-due balance as well as a $20 reconnect fee to have services restored during normal operation hours. The fee for after hours Monday-Friday is $30, and for weekends and holidays it is $40.

For after-hours restoration you must contact the police dispatch number: 817-297-2276

How do I request an Extension on my water bill?

You are not eligible for an extension until your water bill is past due. You may request an extension in person at our office (ID is required for verification) or you may login to your secured account online and submit a request for an extension. Please note that the City of Crowley only allows up to 3 extensions per year.

How is my bill calculated?

Water, sewer, trash, and stormwater rates are available on the city website. Water and sewer service is charged a minimum amount or base rate to provide the service each month. Water is billed on a tiered system. The price per thousand gallons of water increases based on the amount of water you are using. A customer using 12,000 gallons of water or less is not billed at the higher rate. Sewer is charged a flat rate per one thousand gallons and is capped at 12,000 gallons for residential customers. Trash and stormwater are a flat monthly fee for residential accounts. 

I filled a pool this month. Will I be charged for sewer?

City of Crowley bills sewer based on the customer’s water usage. Sewer is capped at 12,000 gallons for residential accounts. Customers are billed sewer for all water used up to 12,000 gallons.

I was out of town and did not use any water according to the readings on my water bill. Why am I still receiving a bill?

The City of Crowley charges a minimum bill to all customers with an active water account. The base rates for each service can be found on the city website. This is the minimum charge required by the city to have an active account and goes toward operating costs to maintain the water and sewer lines for the city. If you are gone for an extended period of time (more than 30 days), you may contact our office and request to put your account on hold. There is not a charge to put an account on hold, however, water is turned off at the meter and those services are not available until you notify us to reactivate your account. 

My bill is higher this month but my habits have not changed. Why has my bill gone up?

The City of Crowley bills based on the amount of water that has gone through your meter. If your bill has increased but you are not sure why you can contact our office to have someone come out and check your meter to see if it indicates that you have a leak. If you have an irrigation system you may want to check the settings and walk the property for any soft spots in the yard. Sometimes, if a toilet gets hung up and runs this can also cause a high-use bill. You can check for a toilet leak by removing the lid from the back of the tank and putting blue food dye in the water. Don't flush the toilet and see if the blue color moves from the top tank portion down to the bowl. If the color moves from the tank portion down to the bowl then you definitely have a toilet leak which can raise the bill quite easily. The utility billing office provides toilet dye kits at our counter free of charge. 

There is dirt and debris on or in my meter box. How is the city reading my meter? Are they estimating usage?

The City of Crowley does not estimate water use. All meters are read each month and recorded in our system. The meters are read electronically with a drive-by system using radio frequency to collect the readings. The antenna is able to pick up readings from several streets away. A small percentage of meters are read through cellular data from City Hall. The readings are sent over in real-time and it is not necessary for city personnel to drive by the meter. 

Why is my water bill the same amount each month even though my habits are not exactly the same?

Customers are only billed in thousands of gallons. All of the numbers past the thousands place are dropped and customers are not charged for that usage until they move to the next thousand gallons. Essentially, we round down to the nearest thousand. In that respect, it is quite common to use within 1,000 gallons of the same user each month as most of us have the same daily habits. The city does not record usage in hundreds or tens of gallons in our billing software. 

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