Tax Rate

The Tarrant County and Johnson County Tax Assessors offices collect property taxes for all the taxing jurisdictions in the prospective counties, including the City of Crowley. Each year, the City of Crowley sets the tax rate required to meet the adopted budget. This process begins at the end of July when the Chief Appraiser of each county certifies the appraisal roll for the city. The city must adopt a tax rate for the upcoming tax year by Sept. 30.

A resident's overall property tax bill includes taxes assessed by the city, school district, county, county hospital district, and county college district. For the 2022 tax year, approximately 24.19% of the assessed property tax bill was for the City of Crowley.

Taxing Entity

Tax Rate (2022)

Percentage of Total Taxes

City of Crowley (2022) 0.645203/$100 24.19%
Crowley ISD 1.4429/$100 54.12%
Tarrant County 0.2240/$100 8.40%
Tarrant County Hospital District (JPS Health Network) 0.224429/$100 8.42%
Tarrant County College District 0.130170/$100 4.88%
Total 2.666702/$100 100%