City Council Place 3, Jesse D. Johnson

Crowley City Council Place 3 Jesse Johnson

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Jesse D. Johnson was elected to the City Council June 18, 2016, in the General Election Runoff.

Johnson was elected as Precinct 1023 Republican Chairman in 1980 and served continually since that time. He has served as election judge in every state, county and federal election and was appointed to the Crowley Planning and Zoning Commission.

He was elected to the Crowley City Council in 2001. While serving on the City Council, Johnson was elected as president of the Crowley Crime Control and Prevention District from 2006-13. In 2013, Johnson was appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission and citizen representative to the Economic Development 4B Board of Directors.

Johnson moved to Crowley in December 1968, his two children are graduates of Crowley High School. He married Nellie in 1999 and between the two of them they have six children and seven grandchildren. Johnson serves as the minister for the Joshua Church of Christ.

Jesse Johnson City Council Place 3 817-297-2201 ext 4000