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Mobile Food Vendor Permit Application

  1. Documentation Required

    The following items will be required with this application: Copy of operator's driver's license. Copy of liability insurance. Signed letter from property owner giving permission for the use of property and access to the restroom facilities for both the mobile food vendor and customers for at least 1-year. Copy of the Tarrant County issued food handler's permit. Copy of a site plan showing the location of the mobile food vehicle, parking and vehicular circulation.

  2. Statement

    The undersigned owner/applicant understands any permit granted from this application may be revoked for non-compliance. Failure to comply with the City of Crowley's rules and regulations affecting public health and sanitation shall be deemed cause for revocation.

  3. Electronic Signature

    The owner/applicant acknowledges that by clicking on the "Submit" or similar button on this website, you are indicating your intent to sign the relevant document or record and that this will constitute your signature.

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