Free Smoke Installation/Inspection Program

Since 2010, the Smoke Detector Check Program has been a community service that assures there is a working smoke detector in each home in Crowley. Crowley Firefighters, when requested by the homeowner, go into the home, at no charge, to:
    •    Check smoke detectors for proper location and application
    •    Provide maintenance and test the operation of each smoke detector and change batteries as required
    •    Replace out-of-date and non-working smoke detectors or add new smoke detectors ( one per household, while supplies last)
    •    Educate the home’s occupants by providing information concerning the importance of a working smoke detector.

Smoke Detector Program

Smoke Detector Application Form (PDF)
Smoke Detector installation and inspection waiver (PDF)

Firefighters offer to check smoke detectors each time they go into a home for any reason and at appropriate times after emergency medical service and fire incidents. In addition, Crowley residents may contact the Crowley Fire Department at 817-297-1638 and request that firefighters come out and check their detectors.

This is a free service to Crowley residents.
Crowley residents who allow the firefighters to enter their homes and check their smoke detectors realize the following outcomes: 

    •    Crowley residents meet face to face, maybe for the first time during a non-emergency event, with Crowley firefighters and became partners in fire prevention and life safety
    •    Many Crowley homes now have working smoke detectors, some for the very first time
    •    Crowley residents know their firefighters care and stand ready to help their families