Municipal Court

Safety Measures in Re-Opening

In order to resume in person court dockets during the re-opening of Texas, the Court has implemented certain measures to make sure we make this as safe as possible during the re-opening.

The following measures have been implemented:

Staggered docket times: Please appear for your setting at the exact time that’s on your setting form. You will not be admitted into the courtroom any earlier or later than your scheduled time. This will enable us to keep the amount of people in the courtroom at one time very low, so that social distancing maybe practiced. There are social distancing standards for the counter area as well no more than 1 person at each counter, and no more than 3 people total in the lobby. So please make sure you make your way into the building at the scheduled time for your setting and go directly to the court room to be signed in by the bailiff.

Facial Coverings: It’s recommended by the Office of Court Administration and Tarrant County Public Heath that facial coverings be worn during our in-person court room proceedings. Therefore, everyone entering the courtroom will be required to wear a facial covering. If you do not have one we will provide a disposable face covering for you to wear. There will be a small trash can near the courtroom door so that you may dispose after you are done in the court room. You will also be required to bring your own pen for signing documents.

Screening: At check-in there will be a series of screening questions asked before you’re able to enter the courtroom. The following are the questions you will be asked:

  • Are you feeling feverish or have a measured temperature of 99.6 or have had a measured temperature of 99.6 in the last 24 hours;
  • Do you have any symptoms of COVID-19; have you tested positive for COVID-19; or have you been in close contact with a person who is confirmed to have COVID-19;
  • Have you have been asked to self-quarantine in the last 14 days.

Individuals who indicate yes to any of these questions will not be able to enter the court room, and you will receive a call or email with further instructions on handling your case.

Below are links that contain a list of symptoms from the CDC website and information on what constitutes “vulnerable population” as well as a symptoms checker. If you are a part of the vulnerable population and would feel more comfortable with handling your case virtually, please contact the court so we can make arrangements for you to do so.

If you have any questions, please contact the court directly.

CDC: Coronavirus Symptoms

CDC: Extra precautions for people at high risk

Helpful links for Motor Vehicle Registration and DMW

 Office hours, appointments, and Information on Motor Vehicle Registration exemption for TXDMV:

Motor Vehicle Registration

Opening and extension on verification of Driver’s License Expiration information:



 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines and orders, all April court dockets will be held via Zoom Meeting. Court staff will be contacting those set on the April 6 plea docket at the number we have on file to obtain an email address so that we can send email instructions on how to participate in Zoom on April 6.

If you have questions/concerns please call our court staff:
Phone: 817-297-2201 ext 1230 or ext. 1290 


The City of Crowley’s Municipal Court has jurisdiction over Class C misdemeanor offenses that occur within the city limits.

Mission Statement

The City of Crowley Municipal Court’s mission is to provide fair and impartial justice under the laws of the State of Texas, and to provide due process to defendants in an efficient, professional and courteous manner.

Judge & Staffing

Judge Darla Peevey presides over the Crowley Municipal Court, which is staffed with two deputy court clerks, a part-time bailiff and a court administrator.

More Information

  •  If you have general questions regarding citation options, court appearances, warrants etc. please contact Melissa Scholer at 817-297-2201 ext. 1200.
  •  If you have any other questions, or need to speak with a court supervisor, please contact Kristi White at 817-297-2201 ext. 1290.