Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is staffed by one code compliance officer and supervised by the Crowley Police Department.


This department is responsible for maintaining and preserving the integrity of our city. The City of Crowley wants to provide its residents with a nice, clean environment to live in, and it is the job of the code enforcement officers to enforce Crowley City Ordinances.

Non-criminal Issues

The code enforcement officer enforces the City Code in non-criminal matters such as:
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • High grass
  • Other public nuisances
  • Trash and debris

Reporting an Issue

You may report the above referenced violations or others by using the "Report It" section that will be forwarded to the Code Enforcement Department, and, in turn, initiate an investigation into the violation. You will be required to build an account in our Request Tracker System, but all information is kept confidential.