Payment Plans

You may request additional time to pay your fine, if necessary. A Request for a Payment Plan (PDF) must be made by the 11th calendar day after the issuance of the citation. However, once you sign the paperwork requesting a Payment Plan, the Judge will sign off on the judgment and the violation will be considered a conviction.

Initial Payment

The Judge requires a payment at the time the payment plan is approved. Please call the Court Clerk's Office for further details on the amount of the initial payment needed to start the payment plan.

Balance Due

The Judge requires that any fine balance less than $200 must be paid within 30 days of the date of extension. A fine balance that is more than $200 may be extended for up to 90 days, if needed.

Time Payment Fee

Any fines not paid within 30 days will have an additional $25 Time Payment Fee added, as required by Texas State Law.


Please see the information under Arrest Warrants (PDF) on Payment Plan procedures for warrants. Payment Plans are not permitted on Capias Pro-Fines.

How to Request a Payment Plan

You may request a Payment Plan via fax or in person at the Municipal Court counter at City Hall. To request a payment plan by fax, please download the Payment Plan Request Form, complete and fax to Municipal Court at (817)297-5073. Your request will be processed and a Payment Plan Agreement will be faxed to you. Once the Payment Plan Agreement is signed by you, return fax it to the Municipal Court for the Judge's approval (include the Credit Card Authorization form for required payment). Download Request for Payment Plan.

Failure to Comply With Payment Plan

If the balance of your violation is not paid within the time agreed, a Capias Pro-fine will immediately be issued and an additional $50 warrant fee will be added to your balance. The only way to avoid the Capias Pro-fine from being issued is to come in and set a court date on your violation before the fine is due.