Development Review Process

Project Contact

Each applicant should designate a single individual who will act as the primary project contact for city staff during the review process.

Pre-submittal Conference

The project contact must schedule a mandatory pre-submittal conference with a staff member. The conference should be scheduled between five and 40 working days prior to making a developmental submittal. To schedule an appointment, contact the Community Development Department at 817-297-2201, ext. 3090 or 3000. A pre-development application form shall be submitted prior to the pre-submittal conference. Pre-development form can be found in the Document Center

Initial Development Submittal

The project contact must submit a complete set of plans to the Community Development Department on a designated submittal date, including:
  • Plat (if necessary)
  • Site plan
  • Landscape plan
  • Development plans
  • Additional information as needed

Incomplete Submittals

Incomplete submittals will not be accepted.

Development Packets & Applications


City staff will conduct an interdepartmental review of the plans and forward to the Project Contact any redline comments within two weeks of submittal.

Final Development Submittal

  1. The project contact will have a minimum of five working days to address the redline comments and submit a complete Final Development Submittal to the Community Development Department.
  2. City staff will review the Final Development Submittal to insure that the redline comments have been addressed before placing the item on the Planning & Zoning Commission's agenda.
  3. The project contact will receive a copy of the agenda and is requested to attend the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting on the assigned date.