Crowley Development Code Update (Zoning and Subdivision Regulations)

Thanks for your interest in the City of Crowley’s Development Code Update. Please check this page regularly for updates and ways to participate.

A team of consultants from Livable Plans & Codes and Urbex Solutions is working with the City on this project. On Feb. 8, the team presented its findings to the Planning & Zoning Commission and received feedback and guidance from the Commission. They also presented their findings to the City Council on March 4. You can read a copy of the diagnostic report here:

Diagnostic Report

The next step in this project is to begin drafting changes to the zoning and subdivision regulations. (Please see the short videos below for more information about these kinds of regulations).

Some minor changes to the downtown regulations that have been in the works for some time will be presented to the Planning & Zoning Commission for consideration in the next month. However, before the consultants make any recommendations for major changes to the downtown code, they would like input from the public.

We will be holding a virtual public input meeting on Thursday, April 8, at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held via Zoom. If you would like to reserve a place for the meeting, please email Rachel Roberts at, and you will be sent the Zoom link.

1. What is Planning? (see video below)
2. What is Zoning? (see video below)
3. What are Subdivision regulations? (see video below)
4. How to find the Zoning of my property?(see video below)

If you’d like more information about the code update, we’d be happy to talk with you. Please contact Rachel Roberts in the Planning Department at or at 817-297-2201 ext. 3030.