Commendations & Complaints

The Crowley Police Department is dedicated to providing the most competent and professional service possible to all residents of Crowley. Department members are carefully selected and trained in order to provide the level of service that is expected.

Compliments & Complaints

If you have contact with a member of your police department and have a compliment or complaint against police department personnel, please contact us. It is the policy of this agency to investigate all complaints against police department personnel, regardless of the source of such complaints. Investigations of complaints are conducted through standardized procedures, demonstrating the police department's desire to provide honest, efficient police service and to inspire public confidence in the Crowley Police Department personnel. Our complaint review procedures ensure fair and impartial treatment of police department personnel who become the subject of an internal affairs investigation.
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More Information

For more information, please review our Complaint Procedure (PDF) brochure.


If you would like to submit details for a commendation, please call 817-297-2276.

Racial Profiling

The Crowley Police Department is vitally interested in taking action when any of its employees performs below acceptable standards. Through written directives and training, the police department strictly prohibits the practice of racial profiling. All racial profiling complaints will be thoroughly and fairly investigated.

Who Can File a Complaint

A racial profiling complaint may be filed against Crowley Police Department personnel by another employee, a supervisor or a member of the community. Texas law requires that a complaint against a police officer must be in writing and signed by the complainant. For more information, please review our Racial Profiling Complaint (PDF) brochure.

Submitting a Complaint

If you would like to submit a complaint against police department personnel, please email Lt. Michael Roach or call 817-297-2276, Option 1 and request the on-duty supervisor.