Police Department Divisions


The Crowley Police Department is divided into three bureaus:
  • Operations Bureau
  • Office of the Chief of Police
  • Support Services Bureau

Office of the Chief of Police

This bureau is led by Chief of Police Kit Long. It includes a Sr. Administrative Assistant, the Office of Community Outreach and the Public Information Office.
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Office of Community Outreach

The Office of Community Outreach is staffed by two sworn Community Liaison Officers and an administrative assistant who manage over 40 community programs. In addition, these officers directly oversee the Citizens Police Academy and the Citizens on Patrol program, which is staffed by civilian volunteers. The Community Liaison Officers also serve as Public Information Officers for the Department.

Community Policing Bureau

Under the command of Lt. Michael Roach, this bureau includes the:
  • Patrol Division
  • Patrol Support Functions
    • Field Training Operations Program
    • Off-Duty Employment Coordinator
    • Quartermaster
    • Wrecker Enforcement
    • Fleet Maintenance
    • Building Maintenance
  • School Resource Officer Unit
  • Special Operations (Bicycle and ATV patrol)
  • Traffic and Homeland Security Unit

Uniform Services Division

The Uniform Services Division is currently divided into four shifts (two days, two nights), working 12-hour shifts and providing coverage to the city 24/7. One sergeant supervises both each shift, and are assisted by their respective Officers in Charge (OIC). With full staffing, each shift has four officers on duty at any given time.

School Resource Officer Unit

The School Resource Officer Unit is supervised by a sergeant and consists of four School Resource Officers (SRO) and three crossing guards. The SRO unit protects a total of eight CISD campuses or facilities, one Tarrant County College (TCC) campus, 6,100 students and over 500 staff members. 

Traffic & Homeland Security Unit

The Traffic and Homeland Security Unit is comprised of two officers: one motor and one in a vehicle equipped with License Plate Reader technology. This unit is also tasked with all emergency preparedness and anti-terrorism duties for the department.

Special Unit Operations

Special Unit Operations includes our All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Bike Patrol unit. Officers working in these special units are called on during city events or special incidents.

Support Services Bureau

This bureau includes the Administrative Services Division, the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) and the Support Services Division.

Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division includes:
  • Interns
  • Jail Operations
  • Special Projects
  • Training and Continuing Education

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is staffed by three detectives. This division is active in local task forces, the Chisholm Trail Intelligence Group, the Tarrant County Major Incident Task Force (MCIT), and handles our Sex Offender Registration and Enforcement.

Support Services Division

The Support Services Division is supervised by a civilian supervisor, and it includes Communications (staffed by six dispatchers), a Police Records, a Property and Evidence/Crime Scene Technician and the Code Enforcement Division.