Annual Energy Consumption and Expenditures

Reporting of annual energy consumption and expenditures

The Texas 80th Legislature passed HB 3693 (Government Code § 2265.001(b)) setting forth new energy-efficiency requirements and energy usage reporting requirements for governmental entities in the state of Texas. The statute requires governmental entities to report and post the metered amount of electricity, water and natural gas consumed and the aggregate costs for those utility services.  Below is the annual consumption of energy for the city of Crowley.

Utility Consumption

Fiscal Yr
Oct 1 - 30 Sep

Electric Consumption (kWh)

Electric Cost

Natural Gas Consumption (CCF)

Natural Gas Cost

Purchased Water (Gal)

Water Cost

Total Expenditure

2017 2,761,011 $270,917 19,044 $14,984 646,732,742 $1,639,813 $1,925,714
2016 2,851,445 $302,132 16,730 $12,996 562,620,902 $1,545,902 $1,861,030