EMS Subscription Service


Crowley Fire Department EMS Subscription is an ambulance subscription program sponsored by the city of Crowley. Crowley Fire Department EMS provides for the prepayment of co-payments and deductibles for all emergency ambulance transport services within Crowley’s initial response area and by the Crowley Fire Department. The Crowley Fire Department EMS subscription plan is NOT an insurance policy or supplement.


One subscription includes all individuals using listed address as their legal residence. A spouse who is being cared for in a nursing home can be covered under the applicant’s subscription, provided the nursing home is in the Crowley Fire Department EMS Primary Service Area. If you are on Medicad, you are NOT eligible for this service.

Subscription Services

Crowley Fire Department EMS Subscription benefits are applied to emergency transports to hospitals in the Crowley Fire Department EMS service area.

Hospital Choice

Patient preference usually determines the hospital to which the patient is transported based on hospital availability and patient’s condition. However, in cases of life endangerment the closest appropriate hospital will be used.


$60 annually or $5 a month on your city of Crowley water bill.


The city of Crowley Utility Billing department bills for the EMS Subscription Service.


If you have questions about your EMS Subscription Service bill, please call 817-297-2201, ext.1010 or 1020. If you are inquiring about your EMS bill for service, please contact Intermedix (the City's third party billing service) at (888) 987-3365.